June 17, 2016



In a loving and nurturing environment, children are given the tools they need to get a great head start on their education. Our early reading program starts with the three-year-olds and culminates with the four-year-olds reading small books on their own. Because it follows a child’s natural propensity to draw and write in curves rather than straight lines, the preschool students learn cursive easily. The teachers use games and visuals to learn numbers and arithmetic concepts. All these things work to make a great foundation to build on in the coming years.

Field Trips

Some of the favorite events of the school year are field trips. Smiles abound as the students pick out their own pumpkins in the fall, squeals fill the air as the children feed the animals at the farm, and the laughter rings out as the students investigate the fire truck and try on the firemen’s hats and coats.

Special Days

All special days do not happen on field trips; there are many exciting events that happen in the classroom. Johnny Appleseed week includes making apple butter and apple pancakes. McGruff made a surprise classroom visit, delighting the students during crime Prevention Week.