June 21, 2016

Fine Arts

Each Cornerstone graduate is required to have a minimum of two fine arts credits—one in music (which can be fulfilled in choir, band or music appreciation class in the Academic Center) and one in speech/drama. These credits can be earned any time in the 9th-12th grades and can be done in any order.


  • Jr. High – Junior high students focus on the enjoyment of music. They develop confidence in singing, as well as experience a variety of good music.
  • Sr. High – The high school choir continues by encouraging students to find their voice and a confidence to sing. They are introduced to a variety of good music, while learning an appreciation for it as they continue to develop their vocal skills.

 Speech and Drama

Speech and Drama offer a variety of experiences in the classroom, competitions, and stage. Students have a chance to work in front of the audience and behind the scenes.